Bulk Premium PEG-200

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When we released our "premium VG/PG blend" last year, it was a hit. Many people were making their own medicated e-liquids from the comfort of their own homes.
Never satisfied, we looked for better alternatives to use to make medicated e-liquids. What we came up with is PEG-200. PEG-200 allows for complete mixing of medicated concentrates and e-liquids without separation. Gone are the days of seeing your concentrates sticking to the side of your cart, preventing you from getting the full effects of your batch of medicated e-liquid. Just combine 2 parts PEG-200 to 1 part concentrate over heat. Let it mix fully (stir if needed). Take it off the heat and using an eyedropper, fill your e-liquid cartridge and you'll be good to go!
Available in 16 oz jugs and 30 mL dropper bottles.