Gentleman's Glass Globe (Wickless)

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You've seen it before. The Glass Globe has risen in popularity because of its reputation as a heavy hitter and its undeniably sexy design. 

At first, we were reluctant to embrace it. Our focus has always been on capacity and durability. But now it has a Gentleman's twist. We've constructed a stainless steel Wide Mouth funnel to hold 3x as much concentrate as other Globes. You no longer need to refill the nail after every puff. Simply put, it waxes the competition. 


  • 1 Glass Globe
  • 3 Replaceable Nails (that's 3 cartridges -- only 1 is pictured above)
  • 1 Aluminum mouth tip

Replaceable Nails

Instead of throwing away a whole cartridge you can replace the nail and have a brand new heating element. We love having nails for each strain of wax.

Say Goodbye to Clogging

The Wide Mouth funnel ensures the nail never clogs providing an "instant on" experience. Just press the button on your vape and the Globe starts to fill with milky, delicious vapor. 

Capacity: The nail can hold up to 0.3g of concentrate so you can vape without having to refill after every puff. 

Construction: The Globe is constructed from tempered glass and medical grade stainless steel. The Globe is removable and can be cleaned using a toilette or q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol. Our Globe Nails are wickless(no bad taste) and use a proprietary alloy for the heating element that is more durable and rated to higher temperatures than our competitors.


Portability: The portability of the Globe is the one place where it falls short. The tempered glass, although strong, is prone to breaking if you carry your vape in your pocket. A glass sphere will never be strong enough. For that reason we have to recommend the V2 XL Cartridge to customers who need portability. 

Compatibility: The Globe is 510/eGo threaded meaning it will work on your Gentleman's Ambassador Kit, Micro Vape, eGo-C, eGo-T, eGo Twist, G Pen, and others. If you're not sure--just send us an email and we'll let you know. If your pen isn't compatible you can purchase thread adapters on our site that will make it compatible. 

Voltage: For you experts out there the cart should be used at a maximum of 4.4 volts. Higher voltages will reduce the lifespan of the heating coil. Lower voltages work great too. We typically vape waxes and oils at 3.7V to 4.0V.