Gentleman's Non-stick Concentrate Containers (2 pack)

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Are you tired of your concentrate getting stuck to plastic containers causing a mess? Wish you could get that last bit of concentrate out without the hassle? Gentleman's Concentrate containers are the solution to your problems. Our non-stick food grade containers repel concentrate making it easy to load onto your dab tool. The outside never gets sticky because concentrate easily wipes off with a napkin. 

Unlike other containers that are "pull apart" our lids are twist off so you never have to worry about it opening in your pocket.

Each container has a clear lid with our logo in the center so you can easily identify your concentrate without opening the container. For the bottom color you can pick from clear, black, white, neon red, neon green, and neon blue. The neon colors are all slightly translucent.

Each container can comfortably hold 2-3 grams of concentrate.