About us

At Gentleman's Brand, we hold our values in the highest esteem

Interesting Facts

Founded in 2008, Gentleman’s Brand is committed to engineering premium vaporizer pens and portable vaporizer accessories. We believe in creating products that combine performance, safety and beautiful design, while providing world-class customer service. Gentleman's Brand is headquartered in sunny Los Angeles, California, and we also have representation in San Francisco and San Diego.

Open Platform

Gentleman's Brand is the only "open" vape pen platform -- we believe in empowering people who want to go the DIY route and create their own custom vape pen setups. While our competitors use proprietary threading to limit consumer choice, we've chosen to use standard eGo and 510-threading in all of our pens and cartridges to allow our customers to mix and match our pens and cartridges with products created by other manufacturers. Whether you want to use your existing cartridges with our pens, or would like to use your own pen with our cartridges, we've designed our products for maximum compatibility.