Why is my Double Agent/Espionage/Viceroy battery blinking?

A blinking light means that your battery is dead.

Why is my brand new V2 cartridge not lighting?

Make sure your battery is charged, and that the connection between the battery and cartridge is clean.  If the issue persists, please contact our customer support team for a DOA return.

My concentrate is splattering all over my globe. How do I clean it?

Soak the globe in ISO rubbing alcohol, then take a drinking straw and gently scrape the inside of the globe to clean it.

What do I do when my concentrate is stuck on the walls of the cartridge?

Take a lighter and gently heat up the outside of the cartridge until the concentrate melts back down to the coil.

I touched the coil with my dab tool while it was on, and now my cartridge doesn’t work.

Your cartridge is broken :(  Never touch the coil with metal as it will short circuit the cartridge and destroy your heating element and possibly even your battery!

My v2 cart is filled and primed, but I'm not able to get good hits with lots of vapor?

Hold the pen at a 45 degree angle and inhale smoothly and evenly.  If you inhale too hard, it can cool the coil, preventing a good hit.

How do I avoid getting splatter in my mouth when hitting the cartridge?

The cartridge may be over-loaded. Empty some out until the coil is submerged but not drowning in concentrate, allowing it to breath.

My cartridge is loaded, but I can't get a good hit or airflow.

When loading the cartridge, remember that the vapor has to have a clear pathway up. If the cart is halfway filled, there will be an air bubble of vapor that has to force its way up. Once you feel the “pop” while using the product, you will know that there is a clear pathway from the coil up.

My Dry Herb Cartridge needs to be cleaned. How do I do that?

Gently tap the cartridge on your hand until all debris is gone. If more in depth cleaning is needed, use a tooth pick and gently poke and prod out the remaining burnt bits.

My E-juice was a light color yesterday, but today it’s darker and looks burnt. My atomizer also doesn’t work.

If our adjustable voltage batteries are turned up too high, they can burn your juice and damage your atomizer. Be sure to set your atomizer to the right voltage setting determined by the Ohm rating of the atomizer. Never raise the voltage above 4V.

My E-juice tank feels clogged and isn’t hitting like it should.

You may need a new atomizer.  Our atomizers generally last 5-10 refills.