Bulk Premium PG/VG Blend

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Here at Gentleman's we thrive off of DIY enthusiasm. Many people have written us asking where they can find QUALITY USA Sourced blends of PG/VG for making their own tinctures and mixing with concentrate to make medicated (marijuana) e-cig cartridges. Then often there is the challenge of finding it at right amount for the right price, having to buy gallons of both PG and VG and trying to figure out the right ratios, etc. etc.

Believe us, we've been there.

So naturally, we figured we would take the guess work out for you :) 

So here it is: 16 OZ (1 Pint) Mini-Jugs of FDA Approved, USA Sourced, and Kosher Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin Blend. At the perfect ratio and a phenomenal price - this jug, mixed 50/50% with full melts in heat will allow you to fill several tanks - which of course can be found here.  Vaping hash oil in an e-cig has never been easier!

A note about flavor add ins: Unless you note otherwise, these will be mixed at a subtle amount. Not overwhelming, just enough to offset the smells of vaping for those around you.