Gentleman's Titanium Fill Tool / Carb Cap / Dabber (Certified Grade 2 Titanium)

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The titanium carb cap can be used as a dabber as well as a filling tool for all your Gentleman's products. 

What's a carb cap? Good question. Carb caps, when used with a domeless titanium nail, allow you to achieve vaporization at the lowest temperatures possible. The one angled hole around the edge of the cap creates a vortex pointed at the moat of the nail. This vortex helps spread and thin your material on the nail. Smothering your material in this manner prevents pooling or puddling and also has an astound effect on flavor. The cap also helps by providing insulation as well as protection from the wind for outdoor applications. 


Inside Diameter of Carb Cap: 22mm (size of a US quarter)